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Renal Tumor or Kidney Tumor: Differential Diagnosis

Differential Diagnosis of Renal Tumors

Inflammatory renal tumors:

Tumors of Renal Parenchyma:

Tumors of the renal pelvis:

Cystic renal tumors:

Renal tumors of the vascular system:

Renal tumors of the nervous system:

Mesenchymal renal tumors:

Perirenal renal tumors:

Renal metastases:

Renal metastases are the most common malignant manifestation of the kidneys in autopsies. Common primary cancer sites are lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, malignant melanoma and lymphoma.

Diagnostic Workup for Renal Tumors

Laboratory tests:


Renal sonography is the basic imaging tool for renal tumors. Suspicious lesions of the kidney in ultrasound imaging are further investigated with computed tomography or MRI.

Abdominal CT:

Abdominal CT scan is the imaging test of choice to verify a renal tumor. In addition to diagnosis and preoperative staging, the renal function of both kidneys can be estimated.


Abdominal magnetic resonance imaging is indicated in chronic kidney disease, contraindication to contrast media, in doubtful findings in CT or if vena cava thrombus is present.

Surgical exploration:

Surgical exploration of the kidney with partial nephrectomy is indicated for renal tumors, if malignant disease has to be ruled out with a histological diagnosis.

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