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Simple Renal Ectopia

Definition of Simple Renal Ectopia

Simple renal ectopia is the abnormal position of the kidney outside of the renal fossa in a cranial or caudal direction.

Location (from cranial to caudal):

urography of a pelvic kidney (renal ectopia)

Renal ectopia: urography (with tomography) reveals a left-sided pelvic kidney. With kind permission, Dr. G. Antes, Kempten.

Epidemiology of simple renal ectopia:

1:500 to 1:1200, slightly more often on the left side.

Causes (Etiology) of Renal Ectopia

Renal ectopia is caused by a disorder of renal ascension. Genetic or teratogenic causes are probable due to frequent coexisting genital abnormalities. The renal pelvis is often anterior to the renal parenchyma since renal rotation is also disturbed. The vascular supply of the ectopic kidney is abnormal, often with several vessels from the distal aorta or iliac vessels.

Signs and Symptoms of Renal Ectopia

Urological complications:

The most common problem is hydronephrosis, followed by vesicoureteral reflux or nephrolithiasis.

Malformations of the genital organs:

In 15%, malformations of the genital organs are present. In women: vagina and uterine malformations. In men: cryptorchidism, duplicate urethra, and hypospadia.

Treatment of Renal Ectopia

Treatment is only necessary for symptoms.

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