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Cystolithotomy: Technique and Complications of Sectio Alta

Cystolithotomy (sectio alta) is the surgical removal of bladder stones via a lower abdominal incision. The term sectio alta refers to the historical techniques of cystolithotomy, since in former times, perineal surgery was more common (sectio lateralis and sectio mediana).

Indications for Sectio Alta

Contraindications for Cystolithotomy

Contraindications for planned surgery are coagulation disorders, untreated urinary tract infections, and bladder cancer.

Surgical Technique of Cystolithotomy

Preoperative Patient Preparation

Surgical Technique

Care after Cystolithotomy

General measures:

Early mobilization, analgesics, thrombosis prophylaxis, laboratory tests (hemoglobin, creatinine), regular physical examination of the abdomen and incision wound.

Drains and Catheters:

Complications of Cystolithotomy

Urinary tract infection, bleeding requiring intervention or transfusion, wound infection, urinoma, thrombosis, pulmonary embolism.

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