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Ask-Upmark Kidney

Definition of the Ask-Upmark Kidney

The Ask-Upmark kidney is a segmental hypoplasia of the kidney, which is most often caused by vesicoureteral reflux (VUR).


The Ask-Upmark kidney is the result of vesicoureteral reflux, since vesicoureteral reflux and chronic pyelonephritis are almost always detectable. Dysplasia of the renal parenchyma is also associated.


Segmental hypoplasia with scarring of the renal parenchyma leads to renin release, secondary hyperaldosteronism and arterial hypertension.

Signs and Symptoms of the Ask-Upmark Kidney

Treatment of Ask-Upmark Kidney

The unilateral Ask-Upmark kidney with severe hypertension can be treated with nephrectomy.For bilateral disease, medical treatment of arterial hypertension and renal insufficiency is crucial.

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