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Urethral Atresia

Urethral atresia is a rare malformation of the urethra, which is not compatible with life unless an alternative communication between the bladder and amniotic sac exists. Survival with urethral atresia is possible due to an open urachus or prenatal placement of a vesico-amniotic shunt. Terminal renal failure and multiple reconstructive operations have to be expected in the course of the disease (Gonzales, 2001).

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González, R.; Filippo, R. D.; Jednak, R. & Barthold, J. S. Urethral atresia: long-term outcome in 6 children who survived the neonatal period.
J Urol, 2001, 165, 2241-2244.

  Deutsche Version: Atresie der Harnröhre