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Ureter Injury and Ureteral Trauma

Review literature: (Elliott and McAninch, 2003) (Elliott and McAninch, 2006).

Definition of Ureteral Injury

Ureteral injury is rare and usually caused by penetrating trauma (gunshot or stab wounds). Another rare mechanism of injury is a ureteral tearing due to deceleration trauma.

Signs and Symptoms of Ureter Injury

The symptoms of ureteral injury are usually dominated by the mechanism of injury. Additional signs of ureter trauma are abdominal pain, fever, upper urinary tract obstruction, urinoma, hematuria, peritonitis, or urine secretion via the wound.

Diagnostic Work-up in Suspected Ureteral Injury

Treatment of Ureteral Injury

Minor ureteral injuries can be managed with endoscopic treatment (Insertion of a ureteral stent, percutaneous nephrostomy). Surgical treatment is necessary in major ureteral injury (suture repair, ureteroureterostomy, transureteroureterostomy or ureteral reimplantation) or long-segment ureteral stricture .

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  Deutsche Version: Traumatische und iatrogene Verletzung des Harnleiters