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Epidemiology and Treatment of Renal Metastasis

Epidemiology of Renal Metastases

Renal metastases are the most common malignant manifestation of the kidneys in autopsies. Common primary cancer sites are lung cancer, breast cancer, gastrointestinal cancer, malignant melanoma, and lymphoma.

Diagnostic Workup of Renal Metastases


Renal ultrasound and CT scan of the abdomen. Renal metastases are typically multifocal lesions in the kidney. In addition, imaging reveals often extrarenal metastases. Metastases from lung cancer, breast cancer or colon cancer may present as single large lesions, a distinction to renal cell carcinoma may be difficult.

Renal biopsy

A kidney biopsy is used to confirm the diagnosis, mainly if a curative resection (with the primary tumor) is not intended.

Treatment of Renal Metastases

Palliative nephrectomy is rarely necessary. Treatment is usually limited to chemotherapy or medical palliation of symptoms.

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