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Prostate cysts

Literature: (Galosi et al, 2009).

Etiology of Prostate Cysts

Utricle cyst:

A utricle cyst (or Müllerian duct cyst) presents with a midline cyst of the prostate and has its origin from the utricle. Histologically, a high PSA expression is typical. Squamous epithelium is not typical for a utricle cyst.

Persisting Müllerian Duct Syndrome:

In disorders of sex development, large (often cystic) pelvic masses may cause symptoms. The cystic structures in persisting Müllerian duct syndrome are, analogous to the vagina, often lined by squamous epithelium and sometimes uterine tissue can be identified (vagina masculina).

Other Causes of Prostatic Cysts:

Cysts derived from seminal vesicles, seminal tract or prostate gland.

Signs and Symptoms of Prostatic Cysts

Diagnostic Work-Up

fig. prostatic cyst in TRUS

Prostatic cyst with subvesical obstruction as seen in transrectal ultrasound See also fig. cystoscopy and treatment of a prostatic cyst of the same patient.

Differential Diagnosis of Prostatic Cysts

Ectopic ureter or ectopic ureterocele.

Treatment of Prostatic Cysts

Small symptomatic prostatic cysts can be treated by transurethral resection [fig. transurethral unroofing of a prostatic cyst]. Large pelvic masses of the Müllerian duct system may need open surgery or laparoscopic surgery.

fig. transurethral unroofing of a prostatic cyst

Transurethral unroofing of a symptomatic prostatic cyst: Left: narrowing of the bladder neck by a right-sided prostate cyst. Middle: collapsed prostatic cyst after incision of the cyst wall. Right: transurethal unroofing treats subvesical obstruction. See also fig. TRUS of a prostatic cyst of the same patient.

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