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Mumps Orchitis

Review literature: (Manson, 1990).

Definition of Mumps Orchitis

Mumps orchitis is an acute viral orchitis as a complication of epidemic parotitis.


Mumps orchitis develops in 30% of patients with mumps after puberty

Etiology of Mumps Orchitis

Mumps virus is a paramyxovirus with a single-stranded RNA.

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic Work-Up of Mumps Orchitis

Differential Diagnosis of Orchitis

Treatment of Mumps Orchitis

General measures:

Experimental Approaches:

Leuprorelin (Vicari and Mongioì, 1995) and interferon-α (Ku et al, 1999) was successfully used to treat mumps orchitis and to prevent testicular atrophy.

Prognosis of Mumps Orchitis

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