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Mumps Orchitis

Review literature: (Manson, 1990).

Definition of Mumps Orchitis

Mumps orchitis is an acute viral orchitis as a complication of epidemic parotitis.


Mumps orchitis develops in 30% of patients with mumps after puberty, 10–30% have bilateral manifestation.

Etiology and Pathogenesis of Mumps Orchitis

The mumps virus is a neurotropic paramyxovirus with single-stranded RNA. Orchitis leads to infiltration of lymphocytes, damage to the blood-testis barrier, edema with rise of intratesticular pressure with pressure atrophy (caused the inelastic tunica albuginea). Infertility, subfertility and hypogonadism may develop, depending on the extent of the (bilateral) disease.

Signs and Symptoms

Diagnostic Workup of Mumps Orchitis

Differential Diagnosis of Orchitis

Treatment of Mumps Orchitis

General measures:

Experimental Approaches:

Leuprorelin (Vicari and Mongioì, 1995) and interferon-α (Ku et al., 1999) was successfully used to treat mumps orchitis and to prevent testicular atrophy.

Prognosis of Mumps Orchitis

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