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Extrarenal Pyelocaliceal System

An extrarenal pyelocaliceal system is characterized by calyces and renal pelvis, which are not within the renal parenchyma. The pyelocaliceal system contacts only next to the papilla the renal parenchyma, the hilus is flat and wide. The extrarenal collecting system has usually no clinical significance.

figure extrarenal pyelocaliceal system in crossed renal ectopia with hydronephrosis

Extrarenal pyelocaliceal system in crossed renal ectopia with hydronephrosis: there is a clear separation between renal parenchyma and pyelocaliceal system, the hydronephrosis is caused by ureteropelvic junction obstruction. With kind permission of Dres. Trenschel, Engels, Kiebach, Kosch und Stahl, Radiologische Praxis Augsburg.

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  Deutsche Version: Extrarenales Kelchsystem